Activities will be set up both indoors and outdoors and the children will be able to choose for themselves where they would prefer to play.   One of the reasons for doing this is to spread the children out so that they each have more personal space.   This drops the tension in the group and allows children who are a little hesitant to observe without being pressured.   It also gives the staff opportunity to develop closer relationships with the children, establishing a good rapport.



  • Packing up time:  During the session children are encouraged, as part of each activity, to hang up smocks, mop up paint, clean up the art activity and put away puzzles and equipment they have used.   Part of learning is to take responsibility for themselves and their environment as well as their community.   All children help to pack up the playroom as a whole, not just what they have been playing with, at the end of playtime.

  • Group Time:   Children come to the mat to enjoy music, stories, folk dancing, discussions and picture chats. Sometimes we will divide and have smaller groups and sometimes we will have everyone together.

  • Snack Time:   Children wash their hands before bringing their lunch boxes containing their snacks to the table where we spend 15-20 minutes socialising. A piece of fruit or a small sandwich with a healthy filling and drink bottle is usually the right amount. The snack does not have to be a full meal.

  • Outdoor Playtime:   The children are provided with a variety of outdoor activities to choose from.

  • Packing–up time:   Once again the children are encouraged to help pack up the small equipment.

  • End of Session:   Children will be dismissed from the mat by the Teacher, when their name is called, as the parent/guardian arrives.

Academic Enrichment


Hansen Park offers a play-based 3 year old program focussing on the development of social and language skills. We also offer a structured 4 year old curriculum using the Ants on the Apple phonetic program to teach children the alphabet and prepare them for Prep. Our highly qualified educators teach 3 year old groups 5 hours per week and 4 year old groups 15 hours per week. Our centre has a spacious native outdoor area with a bike track, grass play area and fort. We are a cluster-managed service utilising the assistance of a Parent Advisory Committee.



4 Year Old Kinder Program 2020

Children must attended three sessions


Monday 9.15am - 2.15pm 

Tuesday 8.30am - 1.30pm

Wednesday 9.15am - 2.15pm

Thursday 11.30am - 4.30pm


Hansen Park Preschool implements a play based, emergent curriculum using a strength-based approach which responds to children's interests, ideas and individual needs. We are responsive to the cultural and religious needs of all families. We try to incorporate significant experiences into the program to reflect the diversity of each family


Our approach to early childhood learning and development is reflected in the Early Years Learning Framework’s vision to provide children with a sense of Belonging, recognise and celebrate their Being and support their Becoming. When documenting children's learning and development, educators consider what  children are engaged in; they RECOGNISE when learning is occurring by REFLECTING on the National and Victorian Frameworks (NEYLF and VEYLDF) and they RESPOND to children by adding resources, providing guidance as needed and considering further planning opportunities.


Our centre’s philosophy changes as new insights are gained and practice is evaluated. The philosophy is reviewed annually.


3 Year Old Kinder Program 2020

Children must attend both sessions

Tuesday 2pm-4.30pm

Thursday 8.30am - 11.00pm

Education and Recreation

The program is developed around each child's individual interests and needs as well as stimulating and encouraging a "hands-on" environment. This program helps develop their everyday skills as well as providing a wonderful transition into the 4-year-old kindergarten. It also allows for the introduction to the socialization with their peers.

The 3-year-old program makes great use of sensory and creative experiences, using them for children to develop their movement and co-ordination by exploring resources with their whole body.

+ Smell

+ Taste
+ Sight
+ Sound
+ Touch

Value-Added Programs

The group has an emphasis on having fun while learning to share and co-operate with each other in a happy, safe, relaxed, well structured environment. This allows each child the time, space and support to experience and develop in their own individual way. 

+ investigation-based learning.

+ Play
+ Imagination
+ Decision making skills
+ Confidence

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